C.G. CONN Silver Plate Art Deco Transitional (Serial Number: 246065) Back to model

This is a vintage C.G. Conn "transitional" alto saxophone in silver plate, serial number 246065. This horn is in outstanding shape, with very little wear.

The original matte silver finish on this instrument is over 98% intact. The only real wear to be found, oddly enough, is on the low B and Bb key touches on the table. Otherwise the silver is just about perfect, as is the gold wash inside the bell. The horn does have rolled tone holes, a trill G# key, and many features of the later 6M, including the octave mechanism and swivel thumb rest. It still has the original double socket tuner neck with underslung octave.

The instrument is in perfect physical condition, with no dents or signs of any past repairs, including no resoldered joints. The action is smooth and comfortable, and the horn is as perfect mechanically as it is physically.

This is a real nice playing alto, with a lush warm sound. The silver plating really warms up the sound. It is pretty free blowing, offering the player very little resistance.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Transitional
Date Manufactured: 1931-1932
Serial: 246065
Contributed By: saxquest.com