C.G. CONN 6M Naked Lady - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 261109) Back to model

This is a gorgeous Conn 6M "Naked Lady" model alto saxophone in 100% of its original silver plate. This horn features matte silver plating on the body, gloss silver keys and engraving, and gold wash on the inside of the bell. This horn has spent nearly all of its life stored carefully in a closet. There is no wear of anykind and no signs of regular playing.

The physical condition is perfect. There are NO dents, resoldered joints, and NO repaired damages of anykind.

The horn has a very fast, solid and efficient feel. The neck is the original tuner Conn neck and is perfect as well.

The case is original and perfect. Not only is this a beautiful showpiece, but a killer player with a big, sweet and warm sound. The silver adds extra weight and more dark overtones to the sound. This is quite a unique 6M and a great example for the museum.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: M Series Naked Lady
Date Manufactured: 1934-1935
Serial: 261109
Contributed By: saxquest.com