C.G. CONN Lacquer 28M (Serial Number: 345582) Back to model

This is an extremely rare Conn “Connstellation” 28M alto saxophone, serial number 345582. Conn tried a lot of innovative ideas out on this instrument, and as such this sax features unique keywork in many areas.

For starters, the horn is in incredible physical shape. It was relaquered some time ago and still retains about 80-85% of the lacquer. Its a nice dark original style cellulose lacquer and the color matches the vintage perfectly. The instrument has no dents, dings, or past damage. There are no resoldered joints. Even the large plastic keyguard remains intact, a real rarity for this horn.

The pictures capture all of the unique designs of this instrument. The octave mechanism, the neck (with the “truly” underslung octave key and double socket!), and the left hand table keys are just a couple examples. This instrument gives a glimpse into the creative mind set of the Conn company and represents the last real adventurous move made by Conn in regards to design of the saxophone!

This horn is definately a museum piece, because it is an instrument that you do not see very often. This sax was also photographed in the original case as well, which is also in great condition.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Connstellation Model (28M)
Date Manufactured: 1951 - 1952
Serial: 345582
Contributed By: saxquest.com