C.G. CONN Lacquer 26M VIII (Serial Number: 291370) Back to model

This is about as good as it gets!! This is the RARE Conn "Connqueror" model 26M alto sax with VIII stamp. The serial number is 291370 which dates the horn to 1940. It has the rare VIII stamp on both the body tube and the original neck.

This sax is in amazing original condition. The lacquer is 97-98% original with only minor speckling here and there as can be seen in the photos. It has a beautiful vintage dark honey gold color and still has the shine of a new horn (as it was back in 1940).

The physical condition of this sax is flawless. After close examination, there is not even so much as a ding to be found anywhere. There have never been any damage repairs ever. The original neck is perfect.

The Conn Connqueror features rolled tone holes, solid silver key touches, and underslung tuner neck. The tone holes have never been filed and the sax has all of the original set screws and adjustment wheels. This was Conn's flagship horn at the height of their greatness. Its arguably the most well crafted saxophone ever built with an adjustment screw for nearly every key.

The sax is playing great!! It has an agressive sound that speaks freely and responds quickly. Its very much an emotive instrument with a richness to the tone that you can only get from a Connqueror.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Connquerer Model (26M & 30M)
Date Manufactured: 1940-1941
Serial: 291370
Contributed By: saxquest.com