C.G. CONN 12M Naked Lady - Silver Plate (Serial Number: 272488) Back to model

This is a beautiful vintage Conn 12M baritone sax, serial number 272488. This horn has both gorgeous looks and a wonderful sound.

The sax features a matte silver finish body, and as you can see in the pictures, it is in excellent shape with over 90% original finish remaining. The horn does have a few little resolders, but they were done professionally and look great. This horn was formally owned by a school, who engraved their name near the top of the bell (see the pictures), but thankfully this one wasn't beat up as you so often see!

The instrument has metal domed resonators, to give it a little extra ring. It does have rolled tone holes, and the fingernail file G# key.

This sax has a real rich sound, and is a fun horn to play. It responds incredibly well to your air, with a nice fast response. This thing really growls in the lower register, with a ton of power and a real commanding presence.

This bari looks fantastic and sounds just as nice, and is a real wonderful player. It does come with the original neck, in excellent shape with no past damages.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: M Series Naked Lady
Date Manufactured: 1936-1937
Serial: 272488
Contributed By: saxquest.com