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Manufacturer: Trevor James
Model: Signature Custom RAW XS UL Tenor Sax(Big Bell)

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By: Kevin Goodall  See all of this user's reviews  on Feb 05, 2015

I purchased the Signature Custom RAW XS Tenor Saxophone approximately 14 mths ago after selling my Selmer series 2 saxophone. I find the build qulaity and position of key work excellent.

Its probaly heaver than most of the moden saxophones on the market. Sound wise it pllays evenly throughout the registers. the sound is quite spread compared with a selmer series 2 wihich  had a more central sound.

The intonation is very good. I feel that this is great for Jazz. I am not able to comment if the fact that its unlacquered makes a difference to the sound as this is the first UL sax I have had.

Whilst the parts and body come from Tiawan the saxophone is built and set uo in the UK by Trevor James pro technical department.

I have gigged with the saxophone quite regularly over the last 14mths and have had no issues at all 

I would  recommend anyone looking for a professional saxophone to try and read the reviews as for the price they are an excellent buy. It comes with a 5 year guarantee and a pro tech case but no mouthpiece

If you like shiny saxophones they do make the model in normal gold lacquer and silver plated for around the same price.

The UL comes in 2 versions the XS as had the vintage colour removed by hand. it does tarnish very quickly. I thnik you either like this or you dont but I suppose the good side is that if you dent the sax its very easy to repair. 

I am not sure of the 2nd hand prices but I would expect to sell mine now for around £1750 having paid £ 

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