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Manufature: Francois Louis
Model: Ultimate, tenor sax, small, lacquer finish

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By:  GFC  See all of this user's reviews  on Dec 27, 2018

I selected the FL lig to replace an Otto Link lig that had a too-loose clamp screw that stripped. If you have a NY Link, there arent a whole lot of options for replacement ligs - a lot of the metal mpc sized ones are too small and the hard rubber sized ones are too big. This one fits a NY Link! Yay! The springy steel hoops over the tubes can accommodate a range of mpc shapes with a good sliding fit and secure the lig somewhat before the screw is tightened. The hold of the reed can be secured sufficiently to accommodate mpc adjustment. To my surprise I found better low-end response and dynamic control with the FL lig than with the stock Link lig. Guess theres something beneficial in those hoops and tubes allowing the reed to vibrate better. Cant speak to any tonal difference between it and the stock lig since A/B comparison wasnt possible under the circumstances. I pulled the brass plate off my broken Link lig and mounted it on the FL lig, bent into a four prong hold on the reed. It seems a little richer in the lower harmonics and maybe a tad more spread with that setup than with the steel trough plate the lig came with.  

All in all a fine product and relatively inexpensive when compared with other premium ligs.

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