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Manufacture: theo wanne
Model: gold gaia 3

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By: jon henri  See all of this user's reviews  on May 20, 2022

This is my new favorite mpc. My second Theo Wanne, I also have a rubber Durga mpc. I like the gaia better.       The gaia can play nice and mellow, or if i push it i can get a bright sound. I also use Harry Hartman reeds with this mpc. I like the HH reeds because i can get a bright or darker sound just by changing the reed. easy peasy. The ligature makes reed changes quik and easy.
I have bought many mpc's in the past, and i will say i'm done looking. It's only Theo Wanne for me.
I'm using this mpc. with my Yanagisawa a990. I also bought a bronze neck and yani heavy screw for my yani from kesslers music and the combination of neck, this mpc. and a hemp reed gives me a sweet unique sound. or with a carbon onyx reed i can scream on it. The carbon copper reed makes a little darker sound. so many choices. Dont always need a high baffle mpc. to get bright sound. My next purchase is going to be a selmer sa80 II alto, looking foward to that.

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