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Manufacturer: Henri Selmer
Model: super action 80 jubilee

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By: jon henri  See all of this user's reviews  on Mar 03, 2023

Bought my sa80 at Kessler music from dave and it was setup by chuck. couldn't be happier. Got tired of playing copies of the sa80 and wanted the real thing. Glad i did. Best sax experience i ever had. I could talk all day about this horn, but won't. This horn plays the best i ever had  and as close to in tune as possible. If I could find something to complain about and this is really nit picky, this neck tightening screw needs improvement. Ive had my Yanagisawa for a long time and had bought a Yanny booster screw for it and luckily it fit my sa80 perfect.
You can have my sa80 when you come pry it from my cold dead hand. Better pack a lunch. lol.

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