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by teggvb6
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7 years ago

Suzuki Concertino Alto

All, Just curious if anyone has every played or worked on any of the Suzuki saxophones. My son really has been playing for about a year and would really like to have his own sax. A playing friend mentioned that he uses this horn for a backup and would be a great horn for a serious student. My son loves the look of the concertino series and the price seems really good. Below is the link to the website for information. Just looking for any information you have on these horns. Thanks in advance!

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  1. by SuperSax875
    (55 posts)

    7 years ago

    Re: Suzuki Concertino Alto

    I played one of these horns a few months ago. It was better than I expected. I would recommend this horn to a beginning/young student. There are some better student horns out there, but for a little more. It defiantly is a good looking horn, also.

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    1. by newreedsyndrome
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      6 years ago

      Re: Suzuki Concertino Alto

      Yamaha and Jupiter make good student horns

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