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Picking up the Saxophone after 6 years

Hi, I stopped playing Saxophone around 6 years ago and I want to pick it up again. I've forgotten pretty much everything e…

4 days ago
by kim2480 (1 post)

what is this worth?

i cam across this martin saxophone and am wondering what its worth.
thank you 
serial number 44…

4 days ago
by kyly (2 posts)

Harwood Artist and Conn Saxes

A relative recently left me 2 saxes: C Melody  Hardwood Artist Professional; Serial Number 127065 and Conn USA T…

4 days ago
by GFC (574 posts)

Scam Alert: Holton Bass

I saw on online ad, I think--for a Holton made 1927 bass.  It had a long commentary about the d…

5 days ago
by Saxquest (385 posts)

Soprano sax (best choice under 2k)

Hi! I'm new here, hello to all!
I'm trying to buy a used straight soprano sax, i play alto tenor and baritone;

7 days ago
by ruisko (3 posts)

Yamaha 475 or Selmer Omega MG288

Hi there

my question is simple, which alto should i choose (and why), be it i find them at the same price, a yamah…

1 week ago
by orestis

LASax soprano

I bought an LASax soprano off of ebay. The serial number is 40232. Does anyone have any information on this model (e.g., y…

2 weeks ago
by GFC (574 posts)

Mirabella Canada saxophone

Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. Have anyone heard about Mirabella Canada saxophones? I'd like to know more about them .…

2 weeks ago
by Ncumpe

Putting saxophone together

Recently my friend and I have been fighting about how to put our instruments together. We're both experienced players of t…

3 weeks ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (81 posts)

Stolen horns

Greetings saxophone multiverse,

New to the forum, wish it were under happier circumstances.  I had my teno…

1 month ago
by Saxquest (385 posts)

Giardinelli Eastman Alto Saxophone - GAS10 - Any good?


Our daughter has been playing alto saxophone for the past 2.5 years, and is now in 6th grade. I've been…

1 month ago
by GFC (574 posts)

Body Vibration while playing a Bass sax

I have never had the opportunity to play a bass. saxophone.

I am wondering if playing the Bass sax produces a vibr…

1 month ago
by Saxquest (385 posts)

Buescher C Soprano Stencil

Hello, I am considering buying a Buescher C Sop stencil, made in 1922. I am aware that stencils generally have older tooli…

1 month ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (81 posts)

Vespro Saxophones

Has anyone tried the new Vespr

2 months ago
by hannamarin (1 post)

PDF Posting

Hi guys is it Possible tp post PDF's on this forum cheers

2 months ago
by Jonolockjaw

SR Trevor James

Hi, Can anybody tell me what could be around 4 years of age soprano saxophone Price: SR by Trevor James?

3 months ago
by pihlak.peep

Tomasi's Ballade

Hi everyone,

I have been writing my programme notes for Henri Tomasi's Ballade for Alto Saxophone and Piano. Bu…

3 months ago
by zoraya (0 posts)

low pitch sax

I have a saxaphone that says "premier american" on the front and "low pitch A, 3560" on the back. I believe it is a silver…

3 months ago
by paulena1952 (2 posts)

overtones and harmonics

Could someone please point me in the direction of a table showing which overtones etc are dominant for every note that a t…

3 months ago
by woolyhead (5 posts)

Finding Sax Teacher in Chicago area

Hi All,

I am looking for a Saxophone teacher who is willing to teach me from the basic.
My current teacher…

3 months ago
by SelmerReference54 (4 posts)

Sounding different from recording

Hello, this is my first post. My question is when I play my tenor saxophone, to me I sound horrible but when I listen to a…

3 months ago
by GFC (574 posts)

Selmer's Advanced models (Tenors)

Just curious. I see so many Selmer Models out there like the Series II Super 80, Series III, Reference 36 and 54 and of co…

4 months ago
by russiancarderwe (0 posts)

Jupiter 500 Series tenor saxophone

Hello, I would like to ask you for how much I can sell this tenor saxophone on ebay uk.

It is in good condition an…

4 months ago
by russiancarderwe (0 posts)


I am considering both of these used horns. Both about five years old and both about the same price, $2,500.

I d…

4 months ago
by russiancarderwe (0 posts)

Selmer Mark VI in a pawn shop?

I was visiting some local pawn shops today just for fun and I happened to come across what apppears to be a selmer mark VI fo…

4 months ago
by russiancarderwe (0 posts)
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