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US Army Band National Collegiate Solo Competition

The deadline is fast approaching for the 4th annual US Army Band National Collegiate Solo Competition!  Don't miss yo…

2 years ago
by mitniftus

Kell Geometric mouthpieces?

I just picked up a Conn alto that has an old Kell Geometric "0" hard rubber piece with it and it plays really nicely. Big ope…

3 years ago
by hopestreet Music Emporium (1 post)

Instrument insurance


I am looking for the best way to insure my instruments.  Any suggestions?  Your help is apprie…

3 years ago
by xfleming (4 posts)

G. Schirmer alto sax

I have an old alto sax which is engraved "M…

3 years ago
by stemul (2 posts)

RE: Sheet music for Pink Floyd

I am looking for sheet music for Tenor Sax (b flat) of Pink Floyd Music. Specifically the music with the cool sax solos, M…

3 years ago
by mirsads (1 post)

bari soprano duet

quick question: a friend of mine mentioned to me that he heard someone perform a duet for soprano and bari that was based…

3 years ago
by steven moeller


How do you get a more professional sounding tone on the alto saxophone? I'm grade 5.     

3 years ago
by kelsey (890 posts)

'Merry Christmas Everyone' with 5 saxophones! (sheet music too)

Great version of 'Merry Christmas Everyone' with 5 saxophones! Sheet music is available in the link too.

3 years ago
by shoz95

Haynes Flute

I just bought a Haynes C flute commercial model from Saxquest. It was made in the 50s but still looks like it's a new inst…

3 years ago
by kelsey

Are eavone saxophones any good?

I have a brand new eavone saxophone (alto).
I got it because of its colour! And im very interested in sax, so im not…

3 years ago
by azuka (4 posts)

What's your sax's name?

call me crazy, but my nickel-plated sax has a name. Has anyone else named their sax?

3 years ago
by saxygurl98 (1 post)

Memorization Pieces

So I'm looking to add something new the collection of pieces I've memorized. I know Careless Whisper, Rock Around the Cloc…

3 years ago
by kelsey (890 posts)

Saxophone bundy special h&a selmer inc


I have recently discover an old saxophone of my fathers. I would like to sell it but I have no idea…

3 years ago
by tirambaby77 (7 posts)

Vintage American Standard Alto Saxophone

Hi, my name is Ali Julius,


I just bought the…

3 years ago
by tirambaby77 (7 posts)

Intermediate straight soprano

After a 25 year break from playing, I'm ready to start again.  I was a pretty good player in high school (lead alto i…

3 years ago
by GFC (554 posts)

Cant hit low notes

I've been a tenor sax player since august and even though I practice a lot I can't hit e flat or d. Sometimes I have d and…

3 years ago
by keithsy (4 posts)

buescher aristocrat

I have ahead a buescher aristocrat tenor sax work quite a few years nowshut have been looking to sell it. I took it to a l…

3 years ago
by keithsy (4 posts)

Selling a Soprano Saxophone

Hey is anyone interested in buying a professional soprano saxophone from me? It's a great sax but I really need some money…

3 years ago
by IrishPotatoes

Cannonball saxophones.

If I were to but a saxophone, would a cannonball tenor be a good buy? I have a 3500$ dollar bugdet. thanks

3 years ago
by kelsey (890 posts)

Mouthpiece setup

I'm using size 3 java reeds, what mouthpiece work well with these reeds? 150$ budget

3 years ago
by T(s)a(x)ng Dynasty (8 posts)

What Antigua Alto Saxophone do I have?


Can anyone tell me what Antigua Alto Saxophone I have based on the serial number 95662534? My cousin just…

3 years ago
by ChrisL87 (3 posts)

Selmer USA TS200 Tenor Saxophone

I was offered $600 for a gently used Selmer USA TS200 Tenor Saxophone for my kid. Any suggestions and opinions are we…

3 years ago
by highlander

Is Vito a good beginner sax?

I'm shopping for an alto sax for my 7th grader. Found a Vito in excellent condition (like-new pads, keys all work and in-tact…

3 years ago
by tpasco1995 (1 post)

looking for a soft at ease kind of sound

So I am about 6 weeks into learning this instrument and I can hear my sound improving but I still have a hard time startin…

3 years ago
by Miche

Late Nights All Alone....

"Late nights all alone, I play my alto saxophone."

This was a song I heard on the radio many years ago. Does anyon…

3 years ago
by eremite
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