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by Mitchel.Russo
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2 years ago

Unaccompanied Classical Saxophone

I'm looking for some unaccompaied works which are more technical then melodic, and preferabley something from before the 20th century. I'm already doing a 20th century work, and i need a contrasting work to that. 
I'll be playing at the University- Professional level, so anything is game 

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  1. by Steve C
    (5 posts)

    1 year ago

    Re: Unaccompanied Classical Saxophone

    Well, sounds like you are limited to transcription. You can never go wrong with Bach.

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    1. by Zootsax
      (3 posts)

      11 months ago

      Re: Unaccompanied Classical Saxophone

      If you're looking for something prior to the 1900s, you may have trouble finding too much that would satisfy your technical requirement and remain unaccompanied. However, if you're up for something off the beaten trail, you may want to check out Charpentier and other French Baroque masters. They frequently wrote pieces for unspecified treble instruments, so it would be a nice surprise for your audience and, technically, in the spirit the original composers intended. However, I should add that most of Charpentier pieces of this type I've found exist only in facsimile form, so if you're not already familar with Baroque ornamental notation a brief overview would prepare you well for something like that. Hope that helps!

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