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P Mauriat - unsure of model or if it is authentic

G'day all!

I recently purchased a P.Mauriat tenor <refer pics> thinking that it was the real deal.  How…

2 months ago
by Saxquest (396 posts)

R Caravan Mouthpieces

When I attended music school in the early 1980s' the R caravan mouthpiece was

required by my classical instructor.…

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer

Buescher Serial # 488855

I am new to this discussion baord.  I have a Buescher Alto Aristocrat with Serial # 488855.  I am trying to gath…

5 months ago
by mijderf (44 posts)

Reed makes big difference in sound

Hi All,

I am newbie in learning how to play Sax. I have two teachers, one is a jazz Saxophonist, and the other…

6 months ago
by SelmerReference54 (5 posts)

Rudy Wiedoeft's arrangement of "La cinquantaine" by Gabriel-Marie


I am looking for the music score of Rudy Wiedoeft's arrangement for alt…

8 months ago
by gf1140

That Sigurd Rascher Guy...

Where can I find recordings of Sigurd Rascher? He's supposed to be the zenith of classical saxophone, the paragon of musique…

8 months ago
by mgictwnger (23 posts)

Free quartet music

I formed a sax quartet about six months ago and am filliing the book on a very limited budget. We are performing a mix of…

9 months ago
by mgictwnger (23 posts)

Selmer Concept mouthpiece

Has anyone tried one of these? Pretty pricey little suckers...

1 year ago
by mgictwnger (23 posts)

Mom trying to buy

Good morning all.....

I am trying to purchase a Sax for my son who is in highschool....He plays Euphonium…

2 years ago
by abery1997

Paul Harvey

I'm playing Paul Harvey's concertino for tenor saxophone but I can't find any information on the piece ot the composer. I wou…

2 years ago
by supergirlrhea (1 post)

do you like zonda?

hello guys, new to the forum. do yall think a zonda would be a quality purchase

2 years ago
by mgictwnger (23 posts)

Soprano Sax in Concert Band/Wind Ensemble

I've been playing for many years and have always loved playing my Soprano in a wind band setting, but unless we're doing a…

2 years ago
by BHound1981

Looking for pro quartet saxophonists


I am looking to start a professional saxophone quartet in the Washington D.C. metro area.  Please e…

2 years ago
by davis.saxophone

Value and Year Made of a Bb Tenor Sax made by Holton

I have a Bb Tenor Sax made by Frank Holton with a serail number of 21542 amd LP below the serial number. I believe it was…

2 years ago
by JJckerions (2 posts)

Unaccompanied Classical Saxophone

I'm looking for some unaccompaied works which are more technical then melodic, and preferabley something from before the 2…

3 years ago
by Zootsax (3 posts)

Strange harmonics notation! Help!

Anyone care to assist ? Its would be greatly appreciated! 

3 years ago
by Steve C (5 posts)

Difficult passage!

help! Tried every way i could think of! where the star is. Thanks in advance! 

3 years ago
by Steve C (5 posts)

bari soprano duet

quick question: a friend of mine mentioned to me that he heard someone perform a duet for soprano and bari that was based…

3 years ago
by steven moeller


One of the best saxophone players I have heard is undoubtedly Ed Fraedrich. His tone is sonrous and full of depth and is cert…

3 years ago
by JSalazar6 (1 post)

What's this brand

I was looking on craigslist for a curved soprano saxophone and unsurprisingly only two result came up in my are one of the…

3 years ago
by mangotessa

Demersseman Fantasie for Alto Sax

I am trying to get sheet music for this. I thought that I got the right stuff but it turns out that its not. I got fantasie o…

3 years ago
by Weezellipz (1 post)

sax and wind ensemble

need a 6-8 minute (listener accessable) piece or mvmt for any sax and band. Not the big heavies either

4 years ago
by Kattamaki (15 posts)

Mouthpiece Reed Combination

Currently, I am playing on a Meyer 5m with a Vandoren Traditional Size 3 on a Reference 54 alto. I'm looking to have a much d…

4 years ago
by Jamrightthen (4 posts)

Concerto Competition

I'm entering a concerto competition this year, and I'm looking for a good concerto to play. Glazunov is very overplayed in…

4 years ago
by Jamrightthen (4 posts)

Taiwan SAHDUOO saxophone and mouthpiece of manufacture factory

We have been manufacturing saxophone and mouthpiece since 1965 year. That is a artistic product, being a scrupulous produc…

4 years ago
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