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Soprano can't play lower than an A (both octaves)

So I went to play my soprano which I don't always do, so I took it out, and realized that something was REALLY wrong when…

6 days ago
by Mr.Saxobeat

Really spitty sound that won't go away

I play the alto sax since the 5th grade and I just started having this problem. My sax always sounds spitty! I have read a…

2 weeks ago
by magash128

alto is playing up an octave

Hi! so ive been playing the alto saxophone for about three and a half years(im only in 8th grade), and when ever i tr…

1 month ago
by saxgourmet (113 posts)

Jean Baptist Alto Won't Play 3 lowest Notes

Hello, I am now retired as a school music teacher and out of necessity I have aquired quite a bit of repair, repad and reb…

2 months ago
by old music teacher (3 posts)

Warbled sound on Alto Sax

Trying to figure out what is causing a warbled sound on some of the mid to low notes on my alto sax.  The high regist…

2 months ago
by Trinity Music

Silver plating in a can

Hi all
There is a method of silver plating that is created on the metal, ie a bare brass sax, by polishing. I am sure…

3 months ago
by cycles (42 posts)

just saying hi

hi everyone 

ive been playing alto-tenor for about 16years keen to try baritone 
and im learning…

3 months ago
by ibblowin

Lots of Questions

Dear Sax Quest Forum,

My name is Trevor!   I recently had my Cannonball "Raven" Big Bel…

7 months ago
by TrevorDM

Elkhart sax repair

I was on the "Net a while back and came across an outfit - I believe - in Indiana (Elkhart?) - they charge, if I remember…

8 months ago
by kelsey (823 posts)

Anyone experience with repairs in Eastern Europe?

Hello, my first post, my family originates from Bohemia, around Cheb, and I'm planning to go there for a holiday. It seeme…

9 months ago
by dulwer

Sky Sax

I have recenty bought a SKY Saxaphone Alto, which was suppose to be in excellent condition, but it is not. i just wanted som…

9 months ago
by kelsey (823 posts)

Yamaha G1 necks do not fit the old 62 model tenors

Just in case anyone else has encountered this issue. I recently purchased a silver G1 neck for my 62 tenor. The octave mechan…

9 months ago
by savio (8 posts)

Mouthpiece cleaning

I have been very miticulous about keeping my horns and mouthpieces clean and dry after each session.  I have an elabo…

10 months ago
by birdlover (40 posts)

San Jose, Santa Cruz Ca repair shop.

Any suggestions for a repair shop in the San Jose, Santa Cruz Ca area? I have a tenor MK VI that is bleeding. I was told i ne…

10 months ago
by tempomaster (31 posts)

Middle E Rattling (P Mauriat 66R)

Title. It only seems to happen while playing at about a forte and above, but the fact that it is happening at all is disco…

11 months ago
by Zaxman (14 posts)

A few thoughts on dealing with repair shops.

Every so often there's a post about some horror story dealing with a repair shop.  Some shops truly suck (I've experi…

1 year ago
by GFC (371 posts)

Where to find a Good Sax Repair in Toronto? Not LNGMcWADE

Long and McQuade rubs me the wrong way.  I never want to step foot in there store ever again.  Where in Toronto…

1 year ago
by GFC (371 posts)

Is this rust on my Sax??

Hello everyone,

This is my first post and I wanted to know what the brown spots are on my saxophone...

1 year ago
by saxgourmet (113 posts)

Conn new wonder rod screws thread size?

Can anyone tell me the rod screw thread size  for a Conn new wonder 2 saxophone please.

1 year ago
by griff136

Lyre mount screw

Ok so i have a Conn 22M tenor sax, but the screw to hold my lyre in place is missing. Another thing, the lyre i bought for it…

2 years ago
by Horatio Hornblower (1 post)

New To Repairing - Help with installing pads?

Hey Everyone,

I've just started training in repair at work here in Brisbane. I'm beginning to get the art of pu…

2 years ago
by saxgourmet (113 posts)

Should I just buy a new saxophone?

I've been playing an Andreas Eastman ETS640-GL tenor saxophone for a little over a year now. Well, what can i say, it play…

2 years ago
by Saxquest (329 posts)

***WARNING - Dave Spiegelthal***

I am posting the details of my recent dealings with Dave as a warning to anyone thinking about sending him there i…

2 years ago
by alexrm78

Dent in body.

Hello, I'm new to this forum.

So. I dropped my alto and theres a dent on the top of the body.

Is the…

2 years ago
by Saxquest (329 posts)

Gluing keypads

I am using shellac for the first time and getting in a pickle... I am melting the flakes over a flame but by the time I ge…

2 years ago
by saxgourmet (113 posts)
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