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I have a horn I am trying to figure out if it would be worth restoring, or if anyone would be interested in buying. It is a C…

9 years ago
by saxmanT (12 posts)

Connsidering a Conn (ahahah what a great pun)

Hey people, I was connsidering the purchase of a Conn alto, though I'm not sure what model to get. I've heard great things ab…

9 years ago
by Sax_Shark (134 posts)

need info about American Artist sax

I inherited my grandfather's saxophone and now my son is playing. I am looking for any information about it. The sax is silve…

9 years ago
by Jenn (3 posts)

Help To ID Conn Tenor

My son has switched to Tenor this year from clarinet. We are looking at a Conn that is 25-30 years old but I am having troubl…

9 years ago
by Traned (3 posts)

Need Help on figuring out model of 1969 Conn Straight Soprano

this is a Conn straight silver plated soprano...from 1969...the only models ive found on lists on the internet have been curv…

9 years ago
by kneejerk52 (397 posts)

Conn ID Help

Hello, I purchased another sax today on ebay... I have no idea what it is. It looks to me as pad guards were soildered on at…

9 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Need Help On Appraising 16m Tenor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think a 1961 Conn 16M Tenor would go for more than $650? IF SO, WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM PRICE FOR ONE OF THESE HORNS?!?!…

9 years ago
by jazzfool132 (144 posts)

conn ltd...

i need info about a vintage conn....on the body was written PATD SEPT. 14 1915 1153488(9?..I'm not sure about the last numbe…

9 years ago
by rafsax (7 posts)

need info on my sax

i would like to get as much info on my sax as possible it is a conn alto serial number n43097 i have had it for years. it has…

9 years ago
by Vesper (9 posts)

Assistance with identifying/valuing 1923 (?) Conn Saxaphone

Found this one in my mother-in-laws attic. Has great sentimental value for my husband, but unsure if it was any value beyond…

9 years ago
by jazzfool132 (144 posts)

Need info on Lyon and Healy

Can anyone out there give me more insight into Lyon and Healy. I have a C Melody made by them and am having trouble tracking…

9 years ago
by Dave Dix (421 posts)

Conn 21M

Hiya on one of my visits to Ebay, I noticed a Horn -Conn 21m- that looked alot like a yamaha student model that had the eng…

9 years ago
by EL Seano (255 posts)

ConnsaxmanJim or DAve Dix Buescher Tenor

I haven't been smart enough yet to pick up my next sax playing the ebay game, I always get burn't in the end. But here is a B…

9 years ago
by Dave Dix (421 posts)

Selmer Alto

I have a Selmer Alto Sax, Serial number 57218, my research tells me that the first one made was SN57000. I would like to rest…

9 years ago
by kitwat (4 posts)

Baking an old finish on raw brass

I read a discussion thread from several of the members who were discussing the idea of adding an aged patina to older saxes b…

9 years ago
by Princerd (2 posts)

Conn 6m Alto

Can you tell me anything about a Conn 6m nickle plated in very good condition, Serial #269xxx, was the nickle plating afterma…

9 years ago
by Backinthesaxxleagain (15 posts)

Buescher Aristocrat- late 50s early 60s?

I just want to find out some more info on the Aristocrat tenor . I tried one out that was either late 50s to early 60s. yeah,…

9 years ago
by Dave Dix (421 posts)

Buescher True Tone

I know someone that has a Buescher True Tone with a serial # of 165,xxx or 156,xxx. (I'll confirm this later) I was wondering…

9 years ago
by Dave Dix (421 posts)

A thought for ConnsaxmanJim

With my 70 year old Conn 10M {A GREAT LADY}.......a newly acquired Otto Link NY 8 Super Tone Master, and a Superial DC 2 1/…

9 years ago
by Mactenor (102 posts)

Is Yamaha model YTS-023 a good model or what?!?!

I bought a YTS-023 model Yamaha yesterday for a great price of $975. I am on a monthly plan and am paying $40 per month to bu…

9 years ago
by saxophonik (73 posts)

Rud Wurlitzer bari sax

I have just overhauled a bari sax with Rud Wurlitzer engraved on the bell, serial number 85902. The serial number is curved a…

9 years ago
by Chuck8133 (16 posts)

antone soulard

i recently ran accrost an antone soulard and cant find anything about it can anyone help??

9 years ago
by bladerj87 (1 post)

Wax for bare brass

Can anyone recommend meuseum wax for raw brass horn

9 years ago
by saxologist (13 posts)

Differnce in Mark VI & Mark VII

What is the the actual difference between the Mark VI and the Mark VII?

9 years ago
by selmer 4evr (309 posts)

16M Conn Saxes

I currently own a tenor conn 16M sax and i was curious with the thoughts of other 16M players. The sound on this horn is fat…

9 years ago
by if_lisa_played_tenor (2 posts)
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