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Developing a motif in improvised solos

During one of my sax lessons, when I was improvising, my teacher told me that I should improvise using a motif, and then deve…

12 years ago
by Lotus54 (32 posts)

Yamaha YTS-62S

Hey guys recently got a Yamaha YTS-62S, I'm using a Java Jumbo with Vandoren Classic reeds, and the way I see it, my mouthpie…

12 years ago
by RoYrOy (51 posts)

Discussing Practice Routines

I've been playing saxophone a year, and I practice about 4 hours a day, but I'm so inconsistent as to what I practice and how…

12 years ago
by RoYrOy (51 posts)

Minnie the Moocher/ BBVD music

Hey...Hate to be annoying, but would anybody happen to have the sheet music for Minnie the Moocher, or any Big Bad Voodoo Dad…

12 years ago
by Pressure Drop (10 posts)

beechler mouthpiece

hey, are Beechler metal mouthpieces good? thx

12 years ago
by mrd (137 posts)

Yamaha 82Z

I'm thinking about getting a new horn and I'm leaning toward the Z's. Are they as good as everybody says they are.

12 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Theo Wanne Mouthpiece

Hi, I was just wondering if Theo Wanne is still making custome mouthpieces. Thanks for and information

12 years ago
by bariguy (25 posts)

Cool Sax Effects

I'm a highschool student from Jersey and I can honestly say that I have mastered several cool effects on my horn. Like growli…

12 years ago
by dirk-lo (11 posts)

mouthpiece/reed fit

Hi, How important is it for the mouthpiece to have the exact same tip curve as the reed has? I have an Berg SS mouthpiece th…

12 years ago
by DG (6 posts)

Solo Ballard...!! HELP....

OK. In two weeks I will be playing solo tenor in a church for a weding. I have done this a few times already, but I'm looking…

12 years ago
by jazz625 (12 posts)

Great new sax trio album

Phil Dwyer, Alan Jones, and Rodney Whitaker have come out with a great new release called Let Me Tell You About My Day. Check…

12 years ago
by Spezzie (5 posts)

Check out this forum

The admin of this forum promises it'll be the next Sax on the Web; check it out...

12 years ago
by mattdude (74 posts)

Mouthpiece set up on a Conn

I've been playing a Conn shooting star for about a year now. I recently got a Meyer 5 mouthpiece from my band teacher, and I…

12 years ago
by gottydot (41 posts)

Developing a more contemporary angular sound

I'm trying to make the transition from be-bop to a more contemporary sound. I've read Gary Cambell's books and Walt Weiskopf'…

12 years ago
by mufasa (9 posts)

Link vs. Link

Has anybody out there had the opportunity to compare a Link Super Tone Master and a New York model (tenor) ? How do they stac…

12 years ago
by jamterry (573 posts)


Ok, first off, I would like to say that "mainstream music" has taken a nosedive since the early 1970's (mostly because by tha…

12 years ago
by RoYrOy (51 posts)

Reed question

Ok i have a question about reed strengths. Is all these people using 2 1/2 strength reeds a fad now a or does it have to do w…

12 years ago
by diminishedpower (25 posts)

modern sax

I know that the vintage horns are some of the best, but what would you say is the best modern horn for jazz and big band.

12 years ago
by vzkgszhz (5 posts)

i really could use some quick advice.

i'm a 17 year old tenor player. just finished my 6th year of playing. our jazz band is one of the best high school jazz bands…

12 years ago
by mufasa (9 posts)

Ordered a new soprano. Have a couple of questions about it.

I ordered a soprano sax and I must admit im excited about it. I read that this might of not been a good idea concidering im n…

12 years ago
by saxjunkie89 (393 posts)

jazz setup

If money wasn't and issue, what setup would you use for an alto sax in a jazz band.

12 years ago
by rob07 (38 posts)

Urgent Mouthpiece Question

I am a serious high school student and am looking for a high-level jazz mouthpiece to use at the all-state music camp. I am d…

12 years ago
by SilverAlto875 (1 post)

i cant decide

hey guys, i play the alto, and i cant decide whether i should get a metal or rubber mouthpiece. im thinking going into smooth…

12 years ago
by Bleeding_Gums_Murphy (55 posts)


watz the BEST ligature for alto sax, in smooth jazz or jazz playing? thx

12 years ago
by phathorn (165 posts)

a Selmer series III neck for a Selmer ref '54 tenor ?

I own a ref '54 tenor and I find the sound too focused and dull, especially in comparison to an old Conn made in 1923, which,…

12 years ago
by istan (15 posts)
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