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SML or Series II?

Hello all,
   My name is George, and I'm a junior in high school. I've been looking to upgrade to a new hor…

1 week ago
by BariLynn (1 post)

Gerry Mulligan

Trying to locate the score of 'Around About Sundown' by Gerry Mulligan.
Can anyone help or advise

3 weeks ago

Vandoren ZZ reeds, crap or good?

Hey everyone! I just purchased two Vandoren ZZ reeds (3 1/2 strength) and I find them to be a bit too whiny on my sax. I usua…

1 month ago
by Richardhgottlieb (1 post)

Jamie Aebersold still getting the point across

Spent a few hours at as local public library for a free concert featuring Jamie Aebersold.

At 77 he is still getti…

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (119 posts)

So here They are 25 years later

As an aspiring young tenor player in the early 1980s, I had and still have a very fondness for Branford Marsalis and Scott…

3 months ago
by mijderf (51 posts)

Rickey Woodard Transcription

It has been a while since I updated my website. Today, I added a new transcription to my website. This one features Rickey…

6 months ago
by scooby

An Overview of Jazz Theory

Hello All, I made a video which briefly summarises the basics of Jazz theory - from modes to the chord-scale system to ava…

7 months ago
by BB666

rainbow sax alto morgan 6m mouthpiece test

9 months ago
by asterix2k10

jammin' out to donna lee changes

testing my Rovner Van Gogh ligature.


9 months ago
by asterix2k10 (10 posts)

Need Help with Pricing and Advice

In October of my freshman year (nearly 3 years now) I purchased an Intermediate level Cannonball Sceptyr Alto Saxophone. I…

9 months ago
by kelsey (920 posts)

all the things you are


I did a new take last night with another mouthpiece (Morgan - Bilger) and a Legere Signature reed. I decided t…

9 months ago
by asterix2k10 (10 posts)

2016 Taiwan Taichung Saxophone Competition

Activities Aim :


Houli—the original…

11 months ago
by tcsax

Advice on Otto Link Opening

A friend in London uses an Otto Link "9", with a very soft reed, and says I would love that setup, and could definitely play…

1 year ago
by Johnnymusic (2 posts)

All The Things You Are - Alto Sax

1 year ago
by carder007us (1 post)

Playing my Yanagisawa A-5 alto saxophone

"Over the Rainbow"

1 year ago
by asterix2k10

Yanagisawa A500 serial number 00153693


I am a musician from Bulgaria,

I came across a saxophone Yanagisawa A500 serial number 00153693,

1 year ago
by ferhal86 (12 posts)

Jackie McLean transcription - Confirmation

I've added a transcription of a Jackie McLean solo on "Confirmation" to my website:



1 year ago
by kelsey (920 posts)
1 year ago
by (0 posts)

Jazz Theory, help please!

I'm going to a Jazz Workshop in a week and I'm trying to figure out some Jazz theory stuff so I don't make a total fool out o…

1 year ago
by (0 posts)

Cherokee Home Recording Alto Sax

C&C Welcome!

1 year ago
by asterix2k10

Cannonball vs Trevor James

Hi. I'm a semi-professional sax player (Alto & Soprano) and going to purchase my first tenor sax to record my new CD.&…

1 year ago
by GFC (600 posts)
1 year ago
by ferhal86 (12 posts)


If you know the Major Key of a song, and you want to impprovise and the only choices you have is to use the Major or Minor…

1 year ago
by kelsey (920 posts)

new jazz band need ideas!!!

i am a student starting a student run jazz band with 2 tenor sax, 1 alto sax, 1 bari sax, 1 trombone, 1 valve trombone, 2…

1 year ago
by Saxquest (398 posts)

Jazz Video Lessons

Alex Terrier is having a Halloween special on his website. If you sign up for the free level of membership, he will give a…

2 years ago
by scooby
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