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by scooby
(83 posts)
16 years ago

New Gene Ammons Transcriptions

Three new Gene Ammons solos we

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  1. by jamterry
    (573 posts)

    16 years ago

    Re: New Gene Ammons Transcriptions

    Jug was one of my teachers, along with Sonny Stitt. He also taught me how to get high. You have to have the techinique to play his stuff. I recommend that you young players learn it off the record. You don't need the music , just hammer it until you can nail it. Terry

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    1. by newreedsyndrome
      (343 posts)

      16 years ago

      Re: New Gene Ammons Transcriptions

      I agree. That way, youre learning, not just copying, you know? One of my students, during his first lesson, tells me while hes gettin his horn out that he can solo like Charlie Parker. I say, ok, daddy-o, lets here you play some rhythm changes. So he plays one of Bird's solos note for note, all slurred, no accents and all at the same dynamic level. So I ask him, well, what do you think Bird's doing, and he couldn't tell me what Bird played over a BbM7. Turns out he bought an omnibook and had never even listened to Charlie Parker! Learn, dont copy.

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