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Terms of Use Trading Post users Terms and Conditions

1. The trading post is a user driven advertising venue. As such, the user is completely responsible for his or her actions and the results thereof. As a seller, you are responsible for the legality and availability of anything you list. As a buyer and/or seller, you are responsible for your own safe dealings. does not endorse or otherwise vouch for any buyer or seller using this web site. Verify the identity of anyone you choose to deal with. Protect your item with shipping insurance, and take pictures of it before it is shipped. Save all communications and retain your records.

2. Creation of multiple accounts by a single user is not allowed. Creation of multiple accounts from a single IP address will get flagged.

3. Dealers, manufactures and resellers are allowed to post in the Trading Post. However, no more than three listing are allowed per dealer at any one time. Individuals who regularly engage in buying and selling of musical instruments will be considered dealers at the sole discretion of Violation of this policy will result in listings being pulled from the site. Repeated violations will result in account termination.

4. There is no posting fee to list an item in the trading post or to upload photos to accompany your listing. If you want to feature your ad, applicable posting fees do apply. Trading post ads run 45 or until marked as “sold”. Trading post ads will automatically expire after 45 days from the initial listing date. Expired ads can be renewed anytime from within the users account profile.

5. All items posted into the trading post must be "in hand." This means that you must actually possess the item for sale even if it has been consigned for you to sell.

6. There is an after sale fee for all things sold from the trading post. Although we do track users trading post activity, The Honor System, is how we like to operate. If a buyer (even if he’s your next door neighbor) calls you and says "Hey I want to buy your sax I saw on," you are liable for an after sale fee on The Honor System. If your item sells in another selling venue while it’s listed on, you are NOT responsible for any sort of after sale fees, but we still ask for you to mark it as “sold” on to keep the site up to date.

7. The standard after sale fee for all items is 2%.

8. To post an item in the trading post you must have an active account on You must also have your profile updated with your current location and an active phone number. A basic member account is free.

9. Any listing deemed inappropriate for any reason will be removed or edited. Any member’s account may be terminated for any reason at the sole discretion of the web master. Any trading post ad that violates any law (international, federal, state, local) will be reported to appropriate authorities. IP addresses and computer IDs are recorded.


  • Post Quality Photos: Trust me, people expect to see photos!
  • Complete your profile page! People are much more interested in doing business with someone they know something about.
  • Be an active member of the site. The more site edits, forum posts, reviews, etc... that you have the more you become a part of the community and the more people will trust you.
  • Include both the positives and the negatives in your listing. If there's a flaw or blemish point it out. You will gain trust and your transaction is much more likely to be successful if you do this.
  • If it doesn't sell the first time around, consider lowering the price, changing your photos, and/or rewriting your description.