If you have an instrument to sell and don't want to bother with the hassle of dealing with a long distance buyer over the Internet, we recommend considering a consignment sale with Saxquest has established itself as the premier music instrument dealer specializing in vintage saxophones. Saxquest has a huge store front with a full service repair shop and boasts both online and offline contacts throughout the world. As a result, Saxquest has a very good market for your saxophone.

Consigning with Saxquest is simple and easy!

  1. First, their consignment fee is only 10%. This is by far the best in the industry!
  2. To start, you'll fill out a consignment form. On this form you and Saxquest will establish the best selling price.
  3. You'll receive a confirmation email that will provide you with shipping instructions and you'll then send your instrument to Saxquest (this is your only cost.)
  4. If at any time you want your horn back, simply ask and we'll have it shipped back to you immediately with absolutely no cancellation fee.
Consign With Saxquest