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8 years ago

Conn and Selmer-Identifying age and worth

Hello, My husband just pulled out his two saxaphones that he has kept in indoor storage. He played these in JR/High School and I was wondering if you could help me identify thier age and appx. worth. The first one is an alto: Conn Serial M95xxx It has shooting stars on the bow Mexico He played this around 1978 I've been reading these boards so it seems like this one could have been made in Nogales so perhaps not worth much-but then it doesn't start with an "N" Then I thought I read that it could be the directors model because of the "M" and worth a little more value than the ones made in Nogales. The second one is a Tenor: Selmer Signet Serial 851xxx He played this one around 1980 I can't find anymore numbers or markings. Thank you for your help. Lisa

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  1. by AZLisa
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    8 years ago

    Re: Conn and Selmer-Identifying age and worth

    Oops...I need to correct the Conn. It is a "N" afterall and not a "M"

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