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by johnnie3
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8 years ago

Olds Super Saxophone

Hello to All!!! I have come across an Olds Super Saxophone and have been trying to find out info on it. It is made in the USA in CA. I think it is silver. It is OLD!!! The serial is 67x. Below is a link to some pics. I was looking for how much it should cost to get cleaned up as well as a value. Thanks! John

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  1. by McCarthyGig
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    5 years ago

    Re: Olds Super Saxophone


      I came across the pictures you put on here 2 years ago and just wodering if you still have the Olds Sax.  I just started learning alto and I'm slowly getting into repairing them.  I would love to have an vintage sax to work on and yours looked like a great project.
      If you still have it, would you be willing to sell it.
      Thanks for posting it looks great.

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