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7 years ago

Disintegrating Foam in a 6m Case

Hi, All, The foam in my original 6m case is disintegrating into a fine grey powder, so of course I have the saxophone in a different case at this point. Would it be best to throw the original case in the trash, or to get someone to replace the foam? The interior fabric is still in good condition, and I don't detect any undesirable aromas from the case. Secondly, if I do decide to have the case repaired, who would I contact to do this, and about how much would it cost? (I live in Minnesota.)

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  1. by dgallego
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    7 years ago

    Re: Disintegrating Foam in a 6m Case

    I would consider having it redone. I have had a bear of a time finding a case for my 6m. All of them are too narrow that I tried. I was looking and the pro-pac and similar cases. Anyone had luck getting a new case for theirs Please post it as will. The original case is a nice addition to keep even if you do not keep the horn in it. Please do not discard it. If you do not want it I may be interested if it is the approximate age range for mine.

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