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13 years ago

Just Pulled The Trigger on an Evette-Schaeffer Alto

New member here. Daughter is in her second year of High School, and playing the alto in both marching- and symphonic band. She's been playing a hand-me-down Belmonte (which looks to me to be a very cheap Selmer Paris knock-off) and I figured that it was time to get her into a little better horn. Been lurking around this and other forums for the past several months, and have found that the discussion centered around Jim's "approved" list to be most helpful. So, today, I was fortunate enough (I believe) to pick up this E-S alto for very little money. Horn is made in Italy, so while it does say Evette-Schaeffer on the bell, it does not say Paris. Serial number is 37XXX, which I believe puts the build date somewhere around 1985. Did I do well for the daughter? Will she be better served if I ditch this one and get her a Jupiter 869 that I was looking at? I just want to get her out of this beginner horn. Any help would be appreciated....but let's stick to these two horns. I know all about Yams, Yans, Keilwerths, et c, and their reputations. And prices. Thanks. DW

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