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by stilarouge
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1 year ago

looking for durable and reasonably priced Tenor

I have a few nice horns and a 1949 Conn 10m tenor that i am in love with. However it is my Jazz horn, i cant (and won't) take it outdoors. with Marching band I need a horn that can endure the scorching heat and rain, with little issues besides the basic pads, leaks, etc. But i would also like to use it during regular concert band because my Conn has a tone that my band teacher isn't "fond" of outside of jazz. I would like to spend around $2000 give or take for a horn that will not be "frustrating". I would be thankful for any suggestions. 

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  1. by saxgourmet
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    1 year ago

    Re: looking for durable and reasonably priced Tenor

    See our Voodoo Master at are lots of demonstration videos on YouTube

    New Orleans

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  2. by kelsey
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    12 months ago

    Re: looking for durable and reasonably priced Tenor

    A used Yamaha 62 can be bought for $2000.00 or less....they are very bullet proof and will probably play better than your Conn 10 M does anyway. The 62 can get lots of different sounds, it depends on the mouthpiece you will be useing...Some Band Directors get frustrated whenever they hear any saxophone in their ensembles at soft!!!!

    Barry Kelsey

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