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by oversaxed
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5 years ago

Supertone C-Melody

I recently rescued a Supertone, C-Melody sax from a flea market.  I suspect it is a Martin stencil because of the beveled tone holes.  It had white pads with no resonators. They may have been original as they showed a lot of age, but not much wear. The sax has a almost perfect bright nickel plate finish, and no dents or pings anywhere, which makes me think it may have been used very little or possibly refinished.  The case appears to have been under water at some time and had to be reinforced to be used.   I have since replaced all of the pads with precision pads and added domed metal resonators.  Using the mouthpiece, which was included, this horn now produces a reallly good sound, (dark and strong) and intonation is very respectable. (not bad for my first attempt at such a project).

 My questions: Was the nickel plate an original finish on these horns?  Any other info on the Supertone would also be appreciated.

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  1. by saxgourmet
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    5 years ago

    Re: Supertone C-Melody

    Conn offered nickel plate.....I have several nickel plated Conns in my personal collection

    New Orleans

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  2. by Saxquest
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    5 years ago

    Re: Supertone C-Melody

    Most likely the nickel plate is original. Supertone was a stencil company that manufactured horns from the three big Elkhart factories (Conn, Buescher and Martin).

         Mark Overton

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