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by yzl311
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5 years ago

Martin Vs King

Help me out here, dear colleagues: I am relatively new to the sax world, playing a bit less than one year. After using a generic instrument borrowed from my teacher, I would like to buy me a used one. I am debating between a Martin Imperial (alto, from around 70s) and a King 613 (I believe this is the Cleveland). Both in good condition, both have the same price. Any preferences?

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  1. by Saxquest
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    5 years ago

    Re: Martin Vs King

    King 613 would be my vote without a doubt. This is my first choice for used student model saxophones. The King 613's are essentially scaled down King Zephyr's (same body tube). If its in good physical condition and has been padded up by a decent repair shop and you can get into it for $500-$600 or less then you can't go wrong.

         Mark Overton

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