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by Igor34
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4 years ago

Conn ladyface

Hi all,

I found a good Ladyface 6M alto serialn° 634229.
The only vintage horn I have is a Martin Stencilsax. (tenor)
My other saxes are new models from Keilwerth and Cannonball.

My question is, has anybody got an idea of a good price for the Conn 6M?
I'm thninking about selling my Selmer serie 2 to buy this Conn.


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  1. by GFC
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    4 years ago

    Re: Conn ladyface

    Don't get too excited about that horn.  The serial number puts its manufacture date in 1956, a year or so after the Conn Artist horns were cheapened considerably.  Their sound is more akin to a Director student model than to an earlier Artist horn.  They're essentially Directors with more refined keywork.  Conn sold their Artist horns for about 30% more than their student horns during the late 50s and I think that's a fair benchmark.  About $500 tops and nothing to dump your Serie 2 for.

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