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4 years ago

Jimmy Dorsey alto

A while back there was a discussion re: a Jimmy Dorsey Alto. My alto has 2 serial numbers; one on the bell and one on the bottom rear, a 25,000 number which is covered by the lower C# key guard leg so only the 25 can be seen.
The low B and Bb keys are on the left hand side. The key guard for these keys is not the fancy one on later J.D. horns but the kind used on the Cigar Cutter of which I have one. (That horn has a 16,xxx S.N. on the bell but not the fancy lake scene.)

The J.D. alto  bell has the lovely engraving of the lake and two sailboats on the right hand side just below all of the "Selmer" information.  The signed  "Henry Selmer" etc  .
The 14,xxx bell  serial number is just above the "SOLE AGENTS". The last three numbers of the bell S.N. are etched into the inside of the neck.
I've had it since 1967 and it has the original lacquer.

My  sax teacher gave two explanations. One: Selmer had extra bells hanging around so they made these few horns, or, J.Dorsey had some made up for him.
Either way, it is one of the best playing horns I've ever had.

I've only seen one other and my teacher in the 70's had one along with a horn the was reported to be Jimmy's first horn of choice. A 25,xxx alto.

Any thoughts on the 2 serial number would be appreciated.  

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  1. by altodoubler
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    4 years ago

    Re: Jimmy Dorsey alto

    One more thing re: my 2 serial number Selmer Alto.
    It does not have "Radio Improved" above the "DEPOSE" on the top of the RH side of the bell. 

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