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by theokayplayer
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10 years ago

New Alto Sax Mouthpiece


I'm new to this forum. To get a gauge for my level, I've been playing alto sax for 2 years. I like jazz, and I'm in a regional jazz band. I don't want to brag or anything but I think I'm pretty good, since I'm the best player at school.

Anyways I'm wondering if I should get a jazz mouthpiece. If so, I want some reccomendations. i understand that it is a personal choice, but i don't want to go around looking for the perfect moutpiece. I just want a mouthpiece that is an upgrade to the one I have now, so I can create a more jazz style sound.

My setup at the moment is a selmer D mouthpiece with JAVA green cut 2.5 reeds.


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  1. by sjsmith93
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    9 years ago

    Re: New Alto Sax Mouthpiece

    Check out the Meyer hard rubber mouthpiece! It's very popular. I use the Meyer size 6 and I've had it for at least 5 years. Great for jazz!

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