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by altograce1265
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10 years ago

alto is playing up an octave

Hi! so ive been playing the alto saxophone for about three and a half years(im only in 8th grade), and when ever i try playing a low F,f#,e,d# it plays up an octave. As if im using my register key. and i just had it repaired about a week or two ago for some minor adjusments, and it didn't start doing it until after i got it back. So i took it in again  and they no problems with it, but i stiil do. i should also add if start out playing on one of those lower notes i can go to a C,A,B. orG and it will sitll play up an octave and im playing on a vandoren 3-1/2

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  1. by saxgourmet
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    10 years ago

    Re: alto is playing up an octave

    the body vent is staying open......the entire octave mechanism is rather complex, so take it to someone who knows how to adjust it. It's an extremely simple fix.

    New Orleans

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