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by just_me
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5 years ago

Question about Buffet Alto Sax and mouthpiece

Hello everyone, I  inherited an Alto Buffet Crampon Super Dynaction sax a few years ago which was manufactured in 1975. I started having lessons and taking exams a little more than a year ago and I would like to know if this sax is considered to be beginner or intermediate level, as I have read controversial opinions about it. Some people believe that it is a pro vintage sax, while others believe that it lacks at things like easy of playing.

It also came with a Buffet mouthpiece that my teacher recommends to replace with a new one. I was wondering if a new mouthpiece could help me improve my embouchure and sound. 

Thank You 

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  1. by JonHuff
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    5 years ago

    Re: Question about Buffet Alto Sax and mouthpiece

    The Super Dynaction is definitely a pro horn. Some players might snub at it because it doesn't have a real "modern" feel, but they are great players when they are in proper regulation. That is probably what is holding you back, I'd get the sax checked out by a good shop and see if there is anything going on with older pads/material. When set up right, these are very nice playing saxes. You will probably want to upgrade the mouthpiece though to something better.

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  2. by barvador
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    4 years ago

    Re: Question about Buffet Alto Sax and mouthpiece

    just joining this forum! I've got an old super dynaction tenor and I can tell that first thing is to get it well set up done by a pro. then you will experience the sound and all possibilities you can really experience (you're quite young in sax aren't you ?) . Then in the end you will be able to tell  what's good for you and you will have to start trying some mouthpieces from friends/teachers, shops, etc... to make yourself an idea. No rush unless you are suffering too much.
    Personally I've started with a classic ebony mouthpiece on my tenor (same approach as for an alto) which was easy but boring. Then I bought a very open one (Vandoren) to play rock in the late 80's when sax sound was everywhere. It was very difficult to play but extremely powerful ! Now I'm more into jazz and  use an otto link metal 8 which is simply perfect for me !
    It means you will need to find your style, and what's your area of comfort  when you play your favorite licks. Therefore, no need to rush, just go till the best you can take from the potential of this great instrument who can lead you to anywhere you would want to.

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