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by sparklinasaxgrl
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20 years ago

Finding a Soprano!!

I'm interested in buying a soprano. I'm an alto player but I joined a sax quartet at our school and was chosen to play soprano. I'm borrowing another student's yanagisawa S901 and it plays pretty nicely, although i have nothing to compare it to. I'm not interested in buying a pro soprano, i have a pro alto (series II), but I just want a soprano to have one of my own to use but since im in a quartet i need to still maintain a decent sound. I don't know anything about soprano brands, can someone give me advice on where to look? I am currently looking at a Maxam HHSAXSOP can someone tell me what they know about this brand as well? THANKS

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  1. by Goldref18
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    20 years ago

    Re: Finding a Soprano!!

    Actually if you're concerned with any kind of price you can find some vintage Buescher True-Tone sopranos that really cost less than you'd think. they have great tone and response too. It's one of the better deals in our world.

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