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13 years ago

Bellowing C Melody

I just recently restored a 1922 Conn New Wonder Series I C Melody. It looks beautiful; just like brand new. I bought a new Woodwind (LeBlanc) C Melody mouthpiece for it. Hard to find but a great mouthpiece. I've found that a tenor rovner ligature fits great, and I've been using a # 2 1/2 bass clarinet reed. The intonation isn't too bad. I've noticed it tends to go flat in the upper register. I have been making a few adjustments and it's sounding better. The resonator pads really make this baby talk! Here's my question. Sometimes when I play a low C, this thing will bellow! Like a tremolo almost. I can adjust my emboucher to stop it, and maybe I just need to adjust to this horn. I've had one other C Melody, also a Conn, and it never bellowed like this one! I'm not sure if this is partly due to my set up, or just a characteristic of this horn, or maybe it's me. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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