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by jazzfool132
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20 years ago

Keilwerth Ex-90 Series III or II

How are the Keilwerth Ex-90 Series III or II?($1800) Im thinking of getting either one. My other choice is the new Yamaha 82Z.($1999) Any ideas, comments or complaints about the horns?

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  1. by vipergt089
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    20 years ago

    Re: Keilwerth Ex-90 Series III or II

    I have a Keilwerth SX-90R tenor, and I love it, i have nothing but nice things to say. Its held up beautifully even with the hard wear from high school band. Sounds great and plays easily from top to bottom. Depending on where you are located there is a shop (washington music) in D.C. that will let you play the horns before you buy. Good luck!

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