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4 years ago

Conn Rolled Tone Holes By Serial Number Resarch

Based on the vintage saxophone Knowledge out there, I am asking what is the lowest serial number that any of you have seen with rolled tone holes on a CG Conn saxophone of any type/key. I worked on an alto a number of years ago that had rolled tone holes on the body tube, but not on the bell. This horn was in the 62K serial range. I don't think it had a neck tuner.  This horn also had two tone noles for the G key instead of one. I assumed at the time that Conn had not yet perfected the rolled tone hole procedure for the larger tone hole openings. Or, they had bells in stock with straight tone holes. Larger bored examples (bass as axample) had straight tone holes up into the 100K range of serial numbers. 

Thanks in advance for the help in my research.

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