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by SteakNShakeJake
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3 years ago

Interest in Bundy Saxophones

Yes, you read that right. I am very interested in Bundy saxophones. No, not your Bundy II from middle school. I am talking about Bundy saxophones that were made prior to the name being utilized for student-level saxophones.

A coworker at the shop that I work at recently purchased one of these tenors, and it has the free-blowing characteristics of a vintage Buescher Top-Hat-and-Cane tenor, while still almost reminding me of the power available from a Keilwerth SX90R. The horn he purchased has a fleur de lis engraving on the front of the bell, with BUNDY stamped in the middle of the fluer de lis, with no other extravagent engraving. I cannot recall what the table layout was exactly, but I'm almost certain it was similar to a vintage Buescher (far right low Bb key). 

Does anyone know any history on these horns?
When were they made from and until when?
Where were they manufactured?
What were these horns marketed as? (profession? student? intermediate?)
What prices are these horns fetching?
How common/easy is it to find one of these horns for purchase? 

Thank you for any answers and information that you are able to offer! 

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  1. by GFC
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    3 years ago

    Re: Interest in Bundy Saxophones

    Bundy was Selmer(USA)'s brand for student instruments.  Buescher was one of their suppliers and became their sole supplier after they were bought by Selmer in 1963.  If you have an early one, probability suggests it was made by Buescher but it could be from another source, maybe Conn.  The big and bold playing characteristics you describe don't seem like what's usually associated with Bundy.  If you're able to post pictures of it, we might be able to nail down its source a bit better.


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