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by selmer 4evr
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19 years ago

silversonic intonation

does someone know if the altos were as good as the tenors as far as being in tune ,and what are the best serial numbers to look for I want to purchase one as a collector but would at least like to practice with it once in a while thanks

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  1. by Bleeding_Gums_Murphy
    (55 posts)

    19 years ago

    Re: silversonic intonation

    All of the Super 20's and Silver-Sonic models had very good tuning as far as I know. But I doubt you'll be able to play it only once in a while. lol.

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    1. by definition
      (963 posts)

      19 years ago

      Re: silversonic intonation

      Yes, mine gets jealous easily If I play another horn even a short period of time... The intonation is nice, nothing a smart player cant play through. best serials IMO are in the 360XXX to 400XXX Mine is a 366XXX, silver neck and bell, with a gold inlay on the silver bell And once you play it, I bet you wont play it "once in a while" either

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