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by jsun22
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19 years ago

Soprano Sax

Is a Soprano Sax good for marching season?

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
    (2336 posts)

    19 years ago

    Re: Soprano Sax

    If you're thinking of marching with a soprano, I would talk to your band director. You don't see many soprano saxophones in high school band. I think this may be partly due to large clarinet sections. The soprano has regained popularity (I guess Kenny G is good for something) and you're seeing more soprano saxophones even in the high school bands. I know a couple students who play soprano in high school bands. They're reading clarinet music.

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    1. by saxjunkie89
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      19 years ago

      Re: Soprano Sax

      but what if the clarinet part goes low A or lower? It wouldn't sound right on the soprano since it has a reedier sound than the clarinet in the notes from middle C# to around low E, Eb, or D

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