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by mmoore42
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6 years ago

Conn C L 35726

Hi, I’ve been given a vintage Conn Sax, serial # CL 35726. Based on a little research it looks like it dates to 1916 and is a C melody low-tone sax. it looks like it’s either been gently played or refurbished based on its condition. If someone would be so kind as to answer the following questions it would be greatly appreciate;
1. is my date and model asessment accurate?
2. what would resale value be?(I’ve checked eBay and prices are all over the place)

Pics are attached.

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    6 years ago

    Re: Conn C L 35726

    your horn i a very old relic.

    These older versions do not always play in tune.

    Being a C melody, it does not have much value.


    The C melodies 10 to 15 years newer are the ones that have any demand what so ever.

    It is an early new wonder or a late new invention. I think it looks to be the latter and it is from around 1916.


    The C melodies with the tuneable straight neck, rolled tone holes, Patent information, are the ones that have a value in the 300 range.

    Good Luck


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    1. by mmoore42
      (2 posts)

      6 years ago

      Re: Conn C L 35726

      Thanks for the information. I guess it'll be retired as a wall-hanging.

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