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by hihoag51
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5 years ago

Uncertain of manufacturer

I have an old alto saxophone that was my mother’s from her childhood. 
I am uncetrain of the manufacturer as the serial number doesn’t match any lists.
It has a large M superimposed over a large W in fancy script on the bell. The words Made in Elkhart are printed under the MW.
The serial number is R14414. It is a silver sax with a gold interior bell.
Any information will be helpful. I’m interested in selling but want to make sure of all the  details. 
Thank you in advance. 

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
    (644 posts)

    5 years ago

    Re: Uncertain of manufacturer

    This is a very obscure yet interesting saxophone.

    Nothing screams out any manufacturer, but this is what I see...

    There is a G# trill key, but no forked E flat key.

    The bell keys are around back and not one on each side of the horn bell.

    There is a front F key.

    All this tells me the saxophone is Stencil from after 1930ish.

    I am sure it is not a Conn or a Martin.

    It may be made by Buescher, York, Elkhart Band instrument Co, or Holton.

    But Holton was not in Elkhart, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is not a Holton.


    It has very little value in its current condition. Refurbished, it would depend on how it sounds. Not knowing who made it makes it hard to tell what it may sound like after it would be put back into good playing condition.

    200 bucks as is. 600 after it is all cleaned and playing.

    Maybe someone else has more input than I do.

    Good Luck

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  2. by GFC
    (842 posts)

    5 years ago

    Re: Uncertain of manufacturer

    Nice looking horn!  My best guess as to the provenance would be that it's  a product of the Elkhart Band Instrument Company, which produced batches of house-brand instruments in the 1930s.  With the exception of the bands around the bow joints, which look Conn-like, the features that I can identkfy look Buescher-like.  The chromatic F# is Buescher-like.  The left hand table looks Buescher-like.  The palm keys look Buescher-like.  Instruments with combinations of Conn and Buewcher parts from this general period are not unknown.  It looks like it's based on a 1934-1940 Buescher Aristocrat design with a left hand table based on a somewhat earlier design and, of course, the Conn-style joint bands.  

    As has been stated, as an off-brand horn it has limited value but at the same time I suspect the right person could appreciate it.

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    1. by hihoag51
      (2 posts)

      5 years ago

      Re: Uncertain of manufacturer

      Thank you for your response. I appreciate it and the information you shared with me.

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