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by saxinvestor2
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5 years ago

1955 Selmer Mark VI Alto

Hoping to get some opinions the values of a vinatge Selmer horn I've owned for the past 9 years! Possibly interested in sellin as well!.

I don't play the horn, but purchase them as an investment. Yes I'm the guy you love to hate, until it comes time to purchase that horn you've always wanted LOL. Well, maybe not even then.

The description is from the previous seller

1955 Semer Mark VI Gold Plated Alto
M597Xxx serial number

Beautiful example of the lengendary Selmer saxophone in a jaw dropping Gold Plated finish! This saxophone is from the first year VI production with a M597xx serial number and a "short bow" design that makes it a sought after vintage.

It's on outstanding mechanical and cosmetic condition with all plating intact. There are a few very tiny, very shallow dings on the bow and a few insignificant dings on the bell flare.

The pads are in good condition (complete with resonators) and the action is setup professionally and feels great. The gold plating is original and the engraving on the bell is sharp and textured to the touch.

The number on the neck matches the one on the body. Most importantly, this horn has a very open sound with tons of volume. Unlike lacquer, which dampens the resonance of the brass underneath, gold plating resonates with the brass and really adds  a depth and center quality tthat makes this horn a blast to play! 

Comes with the original hardshell case.

Please tell me what else you need to determine a value?

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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: 1955 Selmer Mark VI Alto

    If you don't play the horn, how do you know the action is "great" or whether or not it has some superior resonance?  

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  2. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    5 years ago

    Re: 1955 Selmer Mark VI Alto

    A vintage Mark VI in that good of condition probably does not play well.

    If it did, it would have wear.

    There is even crisp gold plating on the neck tenon that goes into the body.

    That would not have gold plating on it, just brass and maybe a tad of silver.So it would fit in the horn. Part of a proper regulation and fit.

    But your not a player, so you wouldn't know that. Also not a very smart invertor either evidently..

    Plus, to gold plate a horn, it must first be silver plated then gold plated. Hence the silver I mentioned on the tenon. Whoever stated it resonates better than a lacquered brass horn is just making up a lie. So, I think you got bamboozled.

    Whoever would pay top dollar for any instrument, without playing it, would be nuts.

    Go Practice!! Know what your doing when you buy a pro horn. ITS ABOUT THE MUSIC.... 


    Somewhere between 500 and 8000.

    Good Luck

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