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by Marlene
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5 years ago

Identification of Wurlitzer Vintage C Saxophone

My little sis has decided to sell her dad's sax.  It is a Wurlitzer. 
In the research I have been doing for her I know that Buescher, Conn & Martin made sax's for Wurlitzer. 
It's a C Sax per what I was told by him and my mother years ago.  It says it's a low pitch on the sax itself. 
The serial number is 55308 which leads me to believe it is most likely a Buescher from the 1919-1920 era.  Although Conn had the C.G.Conn New Wonder Series 1 at that time and M Series Naked Lady in 1955-56 that also may have had this serial number.  I don't believe it fits in those catagories though. 
It appears to have rolled holes & has mother of pearl key inlay. 
I attempted to contact the store he bought the sax from B.F. Winship & Sons Musical Supplies & Repair, my sis still has the box it came in, but the store is only listed in the historical site for Spokane, Washington.  Long since closed. 
Mom & I had it restored in the late 70's in Portland, Oregon, but it was never played again.
It has all the pieces it should and the original case.
Any help I can get her in identifying the maker and the potential value would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, 

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    5 years ago

    Re: Identification of Wurlitzer Vintage C Saxophone

    It was made by Buescher.

    It does not have rolled tone holes. Even if it was a Conn, their stencils did not have rolled tone holes. or Black rollers.

    It does not have a front F key, so it is pre 1926.

    The serial number sequence is for the stencil line, not the same as the main manufacturers model sequence.

    It originally may have been silver plated or raw brass. It looks to have an after market lacquering. You can see the noncrispness on the serial numbers, screaming out after market lacquering.

    It probably still plays even though it has not been played in 45 years. It may now have some dried out pads.

    Value of a C melody stencil in good condition with no front F.

    500 to 750 at best.

    Good Luck


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    1. by Marlene
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      5 years ago

      Re: Identification of Wurlitzer Vintage C Saxophone

      Thank you.  Identification by pictures, my sis lives in another state, has been a challenge.  I appreciate your help.

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