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4 years ago

Looking for Conn Engraving Choices Brochure

I am looking for a brochure in the 1923 time frame that would show examples of available Conn engraving.

As a purchaser from the factory, you could have unique engraving produced, or choose from a few different stencil examples of the C. G. Conn pattern. Some were more floral than others. I am looking more for what I call the Tex/Mex example. I currently have one in shipping to me.

You can still find great prizes on ebay if you know what to look for.  It is a very unique pattern.  I have seen a handful of examples, all slightly different, in my time. All were on a straight neck C melody and all around the 100K serial number sequence. If the brochure is in the library here, I could not locate it. Information I have found on the Conn Loyalist site states that there were approximately 30 different examples to choose from.


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