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4 years ago

New to this site!

I play guitar, as my username might suggest, but my son plays sax. I bought him a couple of saxes many years ago. One is a Lyon & Healy "American Professional" soprano sax. I emailed L&H and was told it was likely made between 1910 and 1920. It's in excellent condition and, now that I know its age, I'm curious what it might be worth. Also, having perused this site I wonder who likely made it. The serial number is 81632.
The other one is a Tenor Conn "Naked Lady" or so I was told. It has the correct engraving on the bell and it has the M in front of the serial number 258443. I've noticed everywhere I've looked that "Naked Lady" model serial numbers started with 260000. Previous to that it was "Transitional." So it was likely made in 1933 and is a "Transitional Naked Lady"? 
Is that good or not so much?

Thanks in advance!

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