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by Musicianinresidence
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4 years ago

Which saxophone is better

Basically I was given two saxophones to be given to a professional saxophone player in NYC who is in desperate need of something to work with. Both saxophones are Altos and are in need of some repairs but I'll attempt to describe them below in no particular order:

First Conn USA from the serial number looks like made in 1954.
the pads are good and most of the springs work fine however it is missing a side key and some screws

The second saxophone is a Carl Fisher New York and says it was made in 1914.
This one needs more or less a complete overhaul however everything is there.

Now I'm a band director and fully intend on working some band director magic to get these in working order for very very cheap and the cost of fixing these is not something I'm worried about. I'm wondering which saxophone is better to fix up and give to him though. Again I have no problem fixing either one myself for less than $100 but I want to give him the better of the two.
Thanks in advance

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    4 years ago

    Re: Which saxophone is better

    Good Morning,

    I refurbish saxophones. Its what I do as my relaxation for the past 25 years.

    Neither are real desired horns, but the Conn is your better choice. The Carl Fisher NY was a Stencil, made probably by Buescher or Holton. Since it is so ancient, the newer horn would give you the best shot at a useable horn.

    Good Luck


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