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Manufacture: RPC
Model: 115B Tenor

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By: William Bua  See all of this user's reviews  on May 20, 2012

Most players who love playing as much as I do have always wanted the best of both worlds as far as sound.  To have the ability to smoke down low and sing up top has always been difficult to say the least.  What ends up happening is you lose top end for bottom end and vice versa.  There are a couple of different schools on mouthpiece concepts for tenors; The Otto link open chamber vintage players and the high baffle guardala/dukoff type players.  I have never been able to make an open chamber piece sound good.  I have been the dukoff guy or the berg larsen player.  I normally played on a 7 tip opening.  Then one day I went over to a friend's house to sell him a horn.  He had two RPC's   I had never played one and I thought the tip openings would be far too open for me.  He had a 115B and a 120B.  I played the 115B and the light turned on. 

I think a lot of what Ron does with his mouthpieces center on having a large enough tip opening to have a good sized air column to get past the high baffle.  His hard rubber piece is just so easy to play.  The 115 tip opening wasn't difficult to play.  In fact, it was more comfy than my 7 dukoff and it gives a much better bottom end sound down to a whisper.  If I can't play pianissimo to low Bb, I can't play ballads the way they should be played.  With the 115B, I didn't lose my bottom end control and I can still sould bright enough to deal with those electric guitar at blues gigs. It can play very bright without sounding brittle. Ron's piece gives me a much broader range of tonal color and it also is much more versatile than any piece I have played.  The hard rubber blank is a well made thick blank with plenty of meat for Ron to do his magic. Ron's finish work is just that.  The piece looks finished and cosmedically perfect.  Everything is clean and even.  The shank won't crack or break due to being too thin like so many other so called custom pieces.  The piece is also very reed friendly which is important in today's reed market where consistancy is the exception rather than the rule.  If you are looking for a huge sould with plenty of power and great altissimo, I strongly reccommend    giving Ron a call or email him at saxmouthpiece.com.   I bought mine used, but have touched bases with Ron a couple of times and he is a stand up guy who does business the right way. 

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