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Manufacture: Jody Jazz
Model: Jet 7 tip opening

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By: Ryan Schooley  See all of this user's reviews  on Mar 07, 2019

this is the greatest mouthpiece I have ever used. the Jody Jazz jet displays the excellent quality that jody jazz is known for. the mouthpieces are handmade and you can really tell the amount of work that was put into it. it took a while to get used to this huge tip opening but after a while i got a really loud bold sound. after 1 or 2 months i was able to really get into the bottom of my saxophone and hit them hard and soft. the mouthpiece looks amazing, sounds good and is fairly cheap compared to other mouthpiece like this (theo wanne). You can really tell that this mouthpiece is meant for soloing and you get a nice, rich burning sound. most people I have known that have tried it have said that its only good for altissimmo but it really hits notes with strenght.

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