Teacher: steve goodson
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Location New Orleans, LA, USA
State/Province Louisiana
Country United States
Affiliation AFM Local 174, North American Saxophone Alliance, Jazz Educators Network, National Association Of Music Merchants, adjunct instructor at numerous universities, write column on saxophone design for Saxophone Today (and have for years)......manufacture Saxgourmet brand saxophones, necks, mouthpieces, and accessories.....see our products at www.nationofmusic.com......visit our saxophone information site www.saxgourmet.com
Years Playing 51
Years Teaching 40
References I've played on LOTS of records, lots of them!
Student Preferences individual lessons only....no groups.......prefer adult students......student must take weekly 1 hour lessons
Available Times Late afternoons, Monday - Thursday
Hourly Rate 25.00
Phone 504 324 3850
Other Comments email always best saxgourmet@cox.net.....prefer teaching from Universal Method; Ferling Etudes; Technique of the Saxophone (Viola); Bop Duets (Bower); Hip to the Blues (West)

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